What is Camp Calm?

Camp Calm is a 30-day virtual workshop for learning the basics of meditation and mindful living. I just can't say enough about these simple practices -- they've changed my life and the lives of many others. 

With mindfulness, all we're doing is spending a little bit of time every day using our minds a little differently than we're used to -- simply noticing, instead of evaluating or commenting. That little bit of time can create a signficant or even drastic improvement in your quality of life over time. The purpose of Camp Calm is to show you how to do that, and provide a framework for doing it consistently. 

Mindfulness is a very simple skill, but it's prone to overcomplication. So we keep the practices modest and doable. The typical day is about ten minutes of reading and ten minutes doing the other practices. Sometimes a little more, sometimes a little less. You don't need any experience. 

The camp includes a daily reflection plus a short lesson, and an easy-to-do practice for that day, plus recorded guided meditations and a discussion forum so that we can practice together and discuss our experiences.  

This upcoming season is the 4th season of Camp Calm. All the previous seasons sold out in the first few days of registration, and garnered very positive reviews. Join the mailing list below so you're alerted when registration opens.

Learn the art of living in the present.

Join us this year, and learn a few simple mind skills that will last a lifetime.


Camp Calm is currently sold out and in session.

The next season will be late summer 2017. To be notified when it's coming up, enter your email below.

“Huge differences! I can’t believe how much can be gained in such a short time. I feel calmer and more in control of my emotions. I can find joy at some point, each and every day no matter how mundane the day seems. It isn’t always easy to commit to regular daily practice but the benefits are worth the effort. I honestly think it has been a life changing experience!”

Kim, Manchester


“Much better control of my impulses/addictions. Much greater awareness of what is actually happening in the moment. Didn’t realize how much time I spent in my head ignoring what was literally right in front of me. Over time I learned to recognize the sensations going on inside my body too.”

Matt, New York


“I’ve been meaning to write to you to thank you. My partner and I have maintained a consistent practice ever since camp ended. We miss a day every once in a while, but always get back to meditating. I’ve also stacked a gratitude journaling habit on top, and I really believe that both are improving my happiness and tranquility.”

Laura, Boston


“I’ve honestly been floored by the positive difference in my general day to day life experience. I was dubious to begin with, having heard endless proponents of meditation, but never truly believing that such a simple practice could actually have a profound influence on my existence. I’ve found myself living with lessened anxiety, clearer thinking, and an overall slightly happier state of being.”

Dan, Los Angeles

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